Come for the Crown

Form Your Fantasy Team and Compete for Greatness

Infamy is a Fantasy Esports Platform currently Under development, offering Fantasy Valorant, Fortnite & Apex Legends Tournaments.
Draft your team and crush the competition
Think you’re the best? PROVE IT!

How to Become Infamous?

Form Your Team

Craft Your Roster from the Best Fortnite or Apex Pros

Stay up to Date on Their Performances

Follow Your Players’ Action Right from our Streaming Page


Climb to the Top

Join our Weekly
Fantasy Tournaments

Create a Team of you favorite Pros!

Your Calculated Total Team Cost Must be Under the Designated Salary Cap. The Better a Player’s Expected Performance, the Higher They Cost!

Players Receive Points Based on KILLs, PLACEMENT and VICTORY ROYALE’s Earned in the Fortnite Champion Series!

Why Play Infamy?

Make a Name for Yourself!

You Don’t Need to be a Pro to be on our Roster, You Just Need to Play Like One. Prove Your Skills In-Game and the World will Know Your Name.

A Fun New Way to Interact with Your Favorite Games and Players.

Form a Team from the Top Fortnite or Apex Pros. Wisely Spend Your In-Game Salary on Differently Priced Pros.

Win Big Prize Pools!

After a Week of Collecting Stats, the Competitor whose Team has the Best Accumulated Score will Win the Total Prize Pool from each Participants Entry Fee. ​

What Will I Win?

A Shout Out on All of our Social Media with Designated Promotional Link Included.

Access to the Throne Room Section of our Discord.

Win Cash Prizes!

Join Our Weekly Fantasy Tournaments

Upcoming Features

Games Coming Soon